An Attitude of Gratitude: Day 6

On Facebook I had a memory from 3 years ago that we had our home leased-to-own and were practically homeless waiting on the bank to approve our offer on a short-sale home that was closer to my work and my husband’s schooling.  After 3 years we are still “homeless” in a manner of speaking.  Our family was uprooted, we didn’t get the approval of our offer after 18 months of waiting and adding real estate addendum’s to our original offer. After 18 months of waiting we found out we were not approved to purchase the home we had grown to love, we were forced to make a few big decisions about what we wanted to do and where we were going to live.  That was the point when we decided to build a new home and move back to the community we had left and our hearts longed for.

good things fall apart for better things

The past few years have been a huge learning adjustment, a faith builder and adventure. Although they have not been “easy” years they have been wonderful in many, many little ways. Count your blessings, take a day at a time, have faith, be patient and be grateful.

Today I am so thankful for memories and opportunities to learn and grow.  I am thankful for opportunities that don’t turn out as we planned so we can open new doors of opportunity and growth.

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