An Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Happiness is

I think too often, we think that things will make us happy.  We live in a society where bigger, better, greater, faster is the competition of the day.  We often lose sight of the little things that bring us the greatest joy.

I really like this quote that living with love, grace and gratitude is what will bring us the greatest happiness.  I have spent several months dealing with feelings of doubt, insecurity, and just not feeling good enough for anything or anyone.  Once I realized that I was filling my world with things and not filling my heart with love and appreciation I realized why I felt the way I did.

I encourage you today to find once thing that you truly Love about life and be thankful for it.   It may be something simple, or something grand. It may be something new or something that has been there all along.  Whatever it is, I hope you find a reason to be grateful for life today.

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