Monday: Make a difference: Featuring Nahlana Blackwell


I believe that Monday’s are a perfect beginning to make a difference in your week.  When I started Moms Who Can I envisioned a place where things could be shared and people could be empowered to be their best self.  It certainly isn’t only for mom’s but for everyone who wants to make a difference.

have a wonderful monday

I recently have been visiting with Nahlana Blackwell and amazed at what a young person can do, and the difference they can make.  Nahlana will be graduating from high school shortly at the age of 15.  WOW!  In addition, she also has some college credit under her belt.  I think that is a wonderful accomplishment and I just want to give a HIGH FIVE to her!  She is the owner of Designs by Nahlana.  Her family has multiple talents and she shares them on her facebook page.  She and her sister are also consultants for Jamberry. You really need to check out all the neat things she does.

Here’s a little of what Nahlana had to share with me:

I create loom band bracelets, animals, key chains, awareness ribbons, and other creations. I am most proud of my Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle creation that I made which includes detachable weapons. I have made Designs by Nahlana a family site. My sister, Amber, enjoys making polymer clay creations, so I post her items on my page. My sister and I just signed up to sell Jamberry. We saw the products at a benefit we were participating in, and decided we wanted to be a part of it. I have tried to tailor many of my bracelet designs and colors to begin to match a Jamberry nail wrap, and I’ve tied the two together more fully by offering a free bracelet when people use the Buy 3, Get 1 Free option that the company offers. My dad is responsible for the Spray Art by Rick that you’ll find on my page. He uses spray cans and common items like magazine pages, lids, scrap paper, pallet knives, and others to create his works of art. My mom is the non-creative member of the family. She has sold Tastefully Simple for about 10 years, so I promote her items on my page also, but she helps keep everyone on track. I really try to be personable and build up a following with consistency via social media. I try to do the same steps, so others can expect it, such as having my Share Day posted Monday night through Wednesday night. I also end my Share Day with my Top Fan giveaway, where my Top 10 Leading Fans are put into a drawing, and the winner can pick one of my items, which I custom make and send for free. This rewards those that visit my site regularly to like, comment, or share my posts. I believe interactions build connections and promoting others strongly with Facebook will assist in building reach. When I see a person who has a business page, I try to always tag that business, which assists them. The more often a person interacts with me, the more they will find that I remember who they are and tag them.

I really feel that Nahlana is making a difference.  Stop by her facebook page and watch for her share day today.  She is also working on a website.  Watch for that to come!

A BIG THANK YOU Nahlana for being someone that is making a difference.

Share below what you do to make a difference to!



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