WAHM: Feature Friday with Barbara and Dave Gotz

Happy Friday!  I am excited today to be sharing Barbara and Dave Gotz on our work from home feature Friday.  We all purchase household items, but have we ever thought about what we are really using?  Barbara and Dave have a safer, better alternative.  Don’t forget to visit their website and watch the short video.  Here’s some additional information from Barbara:

Ever wonder about the hidden dangers in the products you use everyday? I can help you shop for safer, better ones! And earn residual income! Save $$$ too.  The toxins we have under our sinks, in our laundry and personal items are scary! Why not save money and time by switching where you shop all while obtaining safer, better products! Also join my team, I’m here to help! Simply by sharing with others a different store to shop at for items they use everyday saves them money and earns you residual income!

We can help you…

  • Replace or supplement your income
  • Work your own hours, at your pace
  • Achieve work and family balance
  • Save for your future
  • Make a difference

Work at Home United is dedicated to helping everyday people just like you to achieve their Financial and Personal goals. Our company has helped thousands of people supplement and replace their income while working from home around their personal schedules.

Our thriving, billion dollar company is part of the explosive health and wellness industry. We have one of the top 100 eCommerce sites in the world and have been awarded and recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 500 Magazine, USA Today, and CNN. Come join us and realize the future you have always dreamed of!


THANK YOU for sharing your company and information and for joining our Feature Friday.  If you didn’t already visit their webpage www.workathomeunited.com/Gotz do it right now and see what your future may hold.

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