Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015

I grew up on 6 acres and worked alongside my father in a greenhouse where we sold plants to local people.  He, my grandmother and my great-grandfather taught me to love the dirt.  I may see Earth Day a little different than some, but it is a fun reminder of an important part of what makes me who I am.  I was a young teenager when my family moved and bought our mini-farm, one thing that I helped my father do after we bought our property was plant a bunch of trees.  Although he has been gone for many years, those trees still stand as a memory to me of the time we spent together.  He loved flower gardens and we spent countless hours planting flowers and bulbs.  The Peony was his favorite flower.  My grandmother taught me how to bottle the fruits and vegetables that we spent all summer caring for; and my great-grandfather taught me how to pick berries straight from the patch and eat them before I got caught.  Personally I love Lilacs.  The first home that my husband and I purchased has a large lilac tree.  It is the only thing I wish I could dig up and take with me.

1024px-PaeoniaSuffruticosa7   lilac

I see Earth day as a time to get your hands dirty and enjoy the outdoors.  I see it as a day to disconnect from our virtual world and play in the dirt.  Teach our children how to plant a flower or a vegetable or a tree if circumstances allow.  If you don’t have the space or means to plant something outdoors, get a potted plant to put inside.  Many places this time of year have beautiful potted flowers and plants.  Some places even give away a free plant in honor of Earth Day… check your local home and garden center or nursery. Go for an outing to a local garden or park and learn the name of one flower that you think is pretty.  Use today as a day to spend time away from electronics and be grateful for something provided by Mother Nature.

I hope wherever you are that today is full of sunshine and beauty.  Have a great day!

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