WAHM: Feature Friday with Katrina Phelan

I am so excited for our Feature Friday with Katrina Phelan.  Katrina is a Jewelry in Candles representative.  I honestly did not know that Jewelry in Candles existed.  I am excited to learn a little more about her business.  Mother’s day is just around the corner, so why not give mom a unique gift with a fun little surprise, while you’re at it surprise yourself as well. Better yet, until April 22 you can sign-up for just $1.00.  Give it a try and, as Katrina puts it, just get your feet wet!  Here’s the exciting information from Katrina:

Feature Friday

I am a Jewelry in Candles representative. I started selling in March during the $1 e-commerce sign-ups. So my start-up cost was just $1, which included access to my own e-commerce store as well as all the marketing and training materials available in the representative back office. We have another $1 sign up running 4/20 – 4/22 so I’m hoping to add a couple people to my team.

I chose to do the $1.00 sign up because I have never really done direct sales before and I wanted to get my feet wet doing online parties before I spend the money to get the items for doing home parties or live events. So far I have loved every minute. My team is very supportive and I’ve hosted numerous successful parties all on Facebook!

Normally the options for becoming are sales representative are as follows:

E-Commerce: $29.95
Representative Ecommerce Systems Includes:
  • Online Ecommerce System & Personalized Store
  • Digital download of representative marketing materials
  • Full access to representative back office and training materials
***No product is included or shipped with this package.

Classic Kit: $69.95 ($176 retail value)

Representative Classic Kit Includes:

  • Ecommerce System
  • Scent samples (20 pack)
  • 50 product catalogs
  • 100 tri-fold brochures
  • 1 Book of 50 carbon copy order forms
  • 2 Packages of wax tarts

Deluxe Kit: $149.95 ($325 retail value)

Representative Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • Ecommerce System
  • Scent samples (55 pack)
  • 100 product catalogs
  • 100 tri-fold brochures
  • 2 Books of 50 carbon copy order forms
  • 2 Packages of wax tarts
  • 2 Large candles

Elite Kit: $259.95 ($599 retail value)

Representative Elite Kit Includes:

  • Ecommerce System
  • Scent samples (55 pack)
  • 250 product catalogs
  • 300 tri-fold brochures
  • 3 Books of 50 carbon copy order forms
  • 4 Packages of wax tarts
  • 4 Large candles
The products I sell are wonderful! Jewelry in Candles carries 100% soy candles and melting tarts with a bonus jewelry surprise hidden in each item. When you choose your candle or tart scent you also get to choose from a necklace, earrings, or a ring in women’s sizes 6-9 and sometimes 10. We also carry select scents that have the option of a man’s ring, sizes 9-13.

Our candles are 21 oz. and most sell for $24.95 and our wax tarts are 5.5 oz. and retail for $15.95. There are select candles and tarts that are limited editions or layered which have a higher retail value.

Our current Limited Edition is for Mother’s Day. Available in tarts only, our Lots of Love scent is Moroccan Orchid and Pink Amber. Our Limited Editions usually have the option of bonus prizes besides the regular jewelry. The Mother’s Day tarts can contain flower or chocolate delivery, Jewelry in Candles gift card codes, and one lucky customer will win a jewelry set worth $20,000.

We have excellent customer service and the owners and top business execs treat everyone like family. What more could you want from a business. I love it, I’m so glad I joined!

The only negative I’ve found is that these things are addicting! It’s so much fun to reveal what’s in my candle that it’s hard to wait for the next one to come in the mail.

The address for my e-commerce store is http://www.jewelryincandles.com/store/katrina-phelan. Anyone interested in signing up as a representative under me can visit that link and then click ‘Become a Rep’ at the top of the screen to be taken to the Rep Kit packages.

Follow on:

Katrina also operates a blog .

My blog can be found at www.mathlovinmomma.com.

A Great Big THANK YOU to Katrina for joining Feature Friday.  Stop by and see what she has to offer, your next opportunity may be just a click away
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